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Teaching Thinking

The Art and Science of Teaching Creative, Critical, Applied and Design Thinking
What is Thinking?
Why is it important?

Thinking in this project reflects three key areas commonly delineated by experts: Critical, Creative and Applied. When each of these three fields intersects, a newer purposeful form of thinking, Design Thinking, emerges. Click the links below to find out more about these thinking processes and the scientific research supporting them.

How is Thinking developed?

Extensive research has shown that Thinking, in the sense defined by this project, is underdeveloped in most classrooms around the world. The focus on superficial and regurgitative thinking, and the focus on short-term performance in standardised tests which test narrow bands of thought and learning, have done a great disservice to our students. Click to read more about how Thinking can be developed in schools and the community. 


Thomas Lim is presently a Lead Teacher (English Language) and the lead designer of the school’s flagship Thinking Programme, where students explore key thinking skills through high-engagement activities. He is a recipient of the 2018–2019 Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching Program for International Teachers, where he spent a semester in the United States of America researching how different fields of thinking can be taught, and how the teaching of thinking can be enhanced in Singapore schools. He has been recognised as an Apple Distinguished Educator since 2013 for his outstanding application of technology in learning and his reconceptualisation of how 21st-Century learning environments can be. A psycholinguist by training, a teacher by profession, a technologist by choice and a thinker by nature, Thomas has engaged in diverse fields of research such as the conditions where bilingual education succeed or fail, the development of altruism and empathy through language learning, the efficacy of technology in education and the multiplier effects of thinking skills in academic disciplines. He also mentors primary school students who are exploring research in the fields of psychology, language development, and technology in education.

Thomas holds bachelor, master and doctoral degrees in various disciplines including Economics, Mass Communication, Education, Applied Linguistics and Psycholinguistics from various universities in Singapore, the UK and Australia. He continues to dream of writing the Great Singaporean Novel but is shelving those dreams at present in order to focus on designing and conducting learning experiences which will deepen the thinking processes of his students. 

He can be contacted via gmail at thomasktlim.


Nan Hua Primary School

30 Jalan Lempeng

Singapore 128806

Tel: +65 67788050

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